When it’s time for a resole, here’s the process. See our resole basics section if you have any questions on the repairs your shoes need.

Note – We are not currently accepting climbing shoes that have had prior repairs by other cobblers. This is not a reflection of other cobbler’s work but an effort to lower our turnaround time and maintain our high standard of repair. Each cobbler has a unique repair process and as such it takes us extra effort to adapt our process to match those of any prior repairs. These extra steps slow our turnaround and can occasionally lead to substandard repairs. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

1.       Get your shoes to us!

  • Gym drop off – You can drop your shoes off at any one of the New England climbing gyms we partner with listed on our map. Just ask the front desk staff for a shoe tag.
  • Mail service or shop drop off- Complete our online order form, print your confirmation email with order number and mail it along with your shoes to the address below. You can also stop by the shop and drop your shoes off.

         New England reSoul 34B Railroad Ave. Newfields, NH 03856

2.       Estimate

Our staff will evaluate your shoes and email you an estimate of the repairs needed, cost and the current shop turnaround time.

3.       Invoice

Next, we’ll email you an invoice (if you choose to pay online via an emailed invoice).

4.       Repair

Once you pay your invoice, repair work on your shoes begins.

5.       Return

We’ll email you when your shoes are done. They will then head back to the gym, await pick up in the shop, or be mailed via USPS depending on the return method selected.