Standard Repairs

Half Resole 

Our standard repair replaces the worn front half of your sole with new rubber returning crisp edges and fresh, sticky rubber. 

We can resole any model shoe with any type of rubber. 

The standard repair is the 1 /2 resole. We remove the front half of the sole of the climbing shoe and replace it with new rubber. This returns crisp edges and sticky new rubber to your shoes. 

Rand Repair 

If the rubber on the toe of your shoe is thin or has a hole, you will proba­bly need a rand repair along with your resole. We cut out the dam­aged rubber and splice in a new piece. Because the rand runs under the sole rand repair must coincide with a resole. Check our quick chart to see if your shoes need rand repair.


Worn buckle or ripped heel strap? We can fix that! We regularly repair and replace Velcro, buckles, and straps.